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What type of property are you buying?

Primary Residence

Purchasing a Home for you & your family
This is where you will live, your home. It can be a house, condo or townhome. If you intend to live there most of the time it is considered a Primary Residence. Purchasing a Primary Residence has many benefits including low down payment options and lower interest rates.

Second Home

Purchasing a Vacation Home When purchasing a property that you will live in for part of the year this is considered a second home. Benefits of purchasing a second home include down payment options starting at 10% & lower interest rates than investment property.

Investment Property

Purchasing a home you will not live in
Purchasing a home that you intend to rent or flip for profit. Purchasing investment property can be done with as little as 15% Down Payment, no mortgage insurance & financing expertise to ensure you are getting the best rate to maximize your Return on Investment.

What type of property are you buying?

  • Conventional loans offer the most flexibility when buying a home. Down Payment starting at 5% on Primary Residence & 3% for qualifying First-Time homebuyers.
  • VA Loans are available to Eligible Active Duty & Retired Military Veterans. No mortgage insurance, 0% Down Payment options, available for Primary Residence only.
  • FHA – Government backed loans that allow for lower down payment starting at 3.5%, lower credit scores and higher debt to income ratios.
  • Jumbo Loans that exceed the conventional loan limits require a Jumbo loan. Perfect for higher purchase prices & luxury homes. Down payment & mortgage insurance options vary.
  • Renovation Loans – We have Conventional & FHA renovation loan options. These loans are great when you are looking to purchase & renovate a home. They enable you to include the cost of renovation & repairs into the loan amount